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Arriba! ® Mexican Auto Insurance - Driving in Mexico

Nothing compares to driving to Mexico. Discovering extraordinary historic places or scenic sites along your route, stopping at every small town, creating memories along the road, having the freedom to change your route if you found a new place to explore, there is no better way to see Mexico than taking a road trip.

When taking a road trip to Mexico, No. 1 thing in your list is to plan your route and purchase the best Mexico Insurance policy that fits your needs. Arriba! is here to help you with that, our online system makes it so easy to quote, purchase and print your policy in minutes. We offer daily and long term policies, depending on the length of your road trip, starting at the time you cross the border. If you plan to take several road trips in a 6 month of 12 month period, we recommend you consider a long term policy, it will be less than buying several short term policies. Once you have your Mexican Insurance policy, you will need the temporary vehicle importation permit and plan your route.

With the advantage of technology and internet access in our phones, you are now able to use great apps that will help you plan your route, we recommend that you download one of our favorite apps, WAZE. It is one of the best tools to travel, make sure to refresh the app as soon as you cross the border to connect to the Mexico server.

Check our directory with useful links and information about US and Canadian consulates in Mexico if you need assistance from them while traveling there.