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Mexico Ferry Info.

Ferry information changes quite often and without notice, but we verified all of this information in Nov. 1, 2008. You can visit the ferry website for the latest itineraries and tariffs at: If you're inclined to get seasick, take the necessary precautions. It can get rough.

Don't plan on sleeping in the "salon" unless you very comfortable around people and children, as it only has airplane type seats. "Salon Plus" provides seats with leg rests in a separate area. The "Turista" rooms have two to four beds (it varies from ship to ship), interior wash basin and exterior (shared) toilet and bath. The "Cabina" has bunks in a comfortable room for two with interior bathroom. The "Especial" is a two-room suite with full bath and closet and includes TV, video player and service bar. NO PETS are allowed to ride in the passenger compartments.

Your vehicle stays below. You won't be able to return to it, until you reach your destination, so get anything you need out before you leave the bowels of the ship. There is a cafeteria and an excellent restaurant and bar on the ship.

Prices shown are per person, one-way, sharing the accommodation and include tax. Children under 11 years old pay half price. Children under 2 years old must be registered but can travel at no cost. Pregnant women are not allowed aboard. The maximum vehicle width is 2.6 meters. If a vehicle exceeds this width, it will cost double the tariff, because it will occupy 2 lanes. Maximum height is 4 meters. Vehicles entering Baja from mainland must undergo spraying of wheels for pest control of agricultural products and are charged a $20 Peso fee.

You need to make reservations a minimum of 72 hours to a week in advance. The easiest way to do this is to register on the internet or have a travel agent complete your reservation. You can do it by phone, but you must pick up your ticket in person. Be sure to pick up your ticket at least 3 hours in advance. In La Paz, you must pick up tickets at downtown office at G. Prieto #1495, not at the dock. There's always a chance of a cancellation, so you can try showing up early, waiting and asking for a ticket. You might get one. At other locations, you can get them at the ferry landing. (*For current exchange rate click here.)

FERRY PRICES ARE IN PESOS and are based on vehicle length.

NOTICE: The Route from La Paz to Mazatlan (and vice versa) is currently out of service. Please visit for the most up to date information about this route.

FERRY PRICES (one way)
Under 5 Meter $2,462.00 $1,050.00  
5.01 to 6.5 Meters $3,322.00 $1,810.00  
Motorhomes $13,835.00 $7,135.00  
Buses $11,575.00 $7,125.00  
Motorcycles $1,680.00 $810.00  
Price Per Person
(one way)
Price Per Person
(one way)
Salon $890.00 $790.00  
Turista $770.00 $770.00  
Cabina $910.00 $910.00
Available only on
the Boque
Chihuahua Star
Especial $1,210.00 $1,210.00
Available only on
the Boque
Chihuahua Star
La Paz to Topolobampo La Paz to Topolobampo Topolobampo to La Paz
Week Days Saturdays Sunday - Friday
Departure 3:00 PM Departure 11:00 PM Departure 11:00 PM
La Paz to Mazatlan La Paz to Mazatlan Mazatlan to La Paz
Tuesday - Thursday Sundays Monday, Wednesday & Frieday
Departure 8:00 PM Departure 5:00 PM Departure 5:00 PM

Information and Reservations
The best way to make reservations is to do it on the internet at For information on voyages from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia >contact Ferry Santa Rosalia.

Toll Free from Mexico 01-800-337-7437 (01-800-FERRIES) or 01-800-122-1414
01-612-123-6600 ext. 1403